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Exploring Europe

After learning about the geography of Europe and the human and physical features of the continent, we used our independent map reading skills to complete the following tasks independently:

  • Describe the location of Europe on a map of the world.

  • Locate and name on your map: 5 European countries and their capital cities and the oceans and seas which surround Europe.


Did you know  the the Earth is divided in seven very large areas of land (landmasses), known as continents?

Europe is a continent located mostly to the east of the Northern Hemisphere of the world!- Alfie, C8


I really enjoyed this lesson as I was able to used my cardinal point knowledge and skills, from a previous lesson,  to independently locate the Alps and the Carpathians! - Connor, C6


Not only was I able to use my independent map reading skills during this lesson, but also I was able to name and locate all of the seas as I have a geography book at home, that includes this, that I have been reading in my own time.- Eva, C7 

The River Bollin

Check back during the Summer term as Year 4 embark on an independent, practical investigation of the River Bollin.