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Non Excidet


Pre-Teach: Mastermind 


Before we began our Geography topic, we logged in to our SFDS website and completed the Mastermind quiz in order to see what we already knew at the start of the topic. At the end of our topic, we will complete this quiz again to see how much we have learnt! 

Drawing a Map of the UK 


After studying the map of the UK, we then challenged ourselves to drawing the map from memory along with labelling the countries and capital cities. 

Continents, Oceans and the Equator 


During this lesson, we used a world map to locate and label the oceans, equator and the continents on none other than a basket ball! We worked in groups to accurately pin-point the continents around the ball (globe). We then examined our class globe in order to compare our work.

Features of a River


As part of this lesson, Year 3 were asked to use the skills that they had acquired in order to independently draw and label a diagram of a river.  

Fieldwork: The River Bollin

As part of our river study, Year 3 embarked on a trip to the River Bollin to investigate the velocity of the water at different points along the river. We developed our knowledge of map skills, as well as recording and analysing date. Later on, we took part in some orienteering in the local area. 

Independent Write- Non-Chronological Report


Today, Year 3 merged their Geography and Literacy skills in order to independently write a non-chronological report about volcanoes. They explored what a volcano is, the dangers and benefits of living near a volcano and they also included a glossary of key words. This challenge enabled Year 3 to showcase their fantastic knowledge of these natural wonders.