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Using iPads for Research 

Year 6 are researching their secondary school websites this afternoon to find out about extra curricular clubs, homework and about the subjects we’ll be studying.

Coding using Sprite Lab

Today, using the block-based programming environment - Sprite Lab, we made simple animations and games with objects and characters that interact with each other.  We developed our understanding of sprites by swimming fish with 'Sprite Lab'.



'Today I learned that in programming,

a procedure or function is a defined piece of code that can

be run multiple times. It actually reminded me of functions in maths 

as they both have to have an input and an output; whilst a procedure

can just run code without having any input or output.'

(Paddy: Class 16)


Accurate Web Searches

During our research into different Catholic religious orders, we used the internet to conduct our own independent research. We were conscious of using reliable search engines and making our searches more accurate by using key words and Boolean searches. We also learnt about the reliability of the websites, especially those with 'AD' next to their hyperlink as this could affect how reliable they were if a company was paying for their website to be 'higher' in the rankings.

Data Logging

As part of our Science investigation, we used the Lux app on the iPads to measure the intensity of the light being emitted from the light bulbs. During the investigation, we changed the voltage of the cell to observe the effect on the light intensity. We used the data from the app to create our own line graphs and subsequently form our conclusions.

Presenting Information

As part of Judaism week, we put together a presentation using SPLICE about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We collected a range of images, before deciding upon the most appropriate to use in our presentation. We then included text, music and short videos in order to make our presentations more engaging for the audience.