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Invasion of the Anglo-Saxons


The children were asked to order different periods of world history using their previous knowledge of topics covered. They then had to work out where the Anglo-Saxon period would fit in. They instinctively used their knowledge of the Roman Period in history to reason where they should place the Anglo- Saxon period on the timeline. 

Chronology and sequencing

Cross- Curricular links with Geography


During our History topic of the Anglo- Saxons, the children drew a map of the UK and Northern Europe to show the journey the invaders took to reach our shores. It also helped to explain the different cultural influences between the tribes and how the Anglo-Saxon culture is still present in Britain today!


Anglo-Saxon invasion routes

Digging up the Past: Working Independently


This week, we were being archaeologists by examining objects found during digs. We researched, analysed and explained what we thought the object was and thought about what it can teach us about the Anglo-Saxon culture. We were amazed to discover that they were skilled craftsmen evidenced by the intricate designs found on jewelry and helmets like those found at Sutton Hoo.


Understanding artefacts