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Building Bridges

We independently designed our structures, constructed the bridges and made changes to the design if necessary. 

We independently constructed our bridges
We followed our unique design
We independently tested the various structures

Healthy Chicken and Fish Wraps

For our cookery project, we needed to plan, design and make a healthy wrap. After deciding on our ingredients, we independently designed an exploded diagram. An exploded diagram allowed us to show the contents of our wrap recipe prior to making it. We drew a diagram to show the separate ingredients that we planned to use.  

After completing our final designs, we chose the protein, salad leaf and sauce that we would like to be included in our healthy wrap. We independently breaded the cuts of meat, dressed our wrap and folded the wrap securely so that the filling stayed inside. We soon found out that the amount of fillings would affect how easy it was to wrap. Would we need to use less protein next time? Perhaps we had overfilled it? These were things we needed to consider when making wraps again in the future.

Breading our chosen protein
Choosing our salad leaves
Dressing our wraps with our chosen sauce
Securely folding our wraps

Pupil Voice


I found it really difficult to fold my wrap without my ingredients spilling out. I'd clearly used far too many salad leaves.  



I would always usually choose chicken for inside a wrap if I was going to somewhere like McDonalds or KFC; however, after tasting the breaded fish goujons, I decided to try something new. They were delicious.


Finally, we independently designed labels for our wraps. The brief stated that they needed to be eye catching and share the nutritional benefits of the ingredients used.