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Year 4 Mastery- Comparing Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome 


Today, Year 4 completed their final History lesson of the year. In order to really display what they had learnt over the course of the year, they created an extended piece of writing comparing their first topic of the year (Ancient Greece) and their final topic (Ancient Rome). This was an opportunity for Year 4 to utilise all of their learning in a new way by examining both time periods and making links between them as well as comparing these times to their own lives.  

Housing and Architecture in Ancient Rome 


Year 4 spent time on ThingLink today to interactively explore the housing and architecture of Ancient Rome. We used the app to create our own Roman town based on our understanding. We incorporated Roman baths, forums, temples and an amphitheatre into our town. 

Religion and Beliefs in Ancient Rome 


This afternoon, Year 4 explored the fascinating religion of the Ancient Romans. We used our knowledge and understanding of the different gods and goddesses to create our own lararium and we gave reasons for our choice of design. 


George says of religion in Ancient Rome: "Did you know that the Ancient Romans were polytheistic, meaning they believed in more than one god?" 

Presenting to the Class: Pandora's Box


Year 4 worked with High Impact to create presentations all about 'Pandora's Box.' This was linked with our current Reading sessions where we have been reading a different Greek Myth each day!


'Did you know that Pandora was a gift from the Gods so Zeus could get revenge on Prometheus?' - William


'I loved that the last item inside the box was hope. In tough times it's great to remember that we always have hope. -Ava