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Ancient Greece -  Chronology and Location


To understand the location of Ancient Greece, we have independently labelled each province on a map. In addition to this, we have completed our timelines to understand the chronology of key events that took place in Ancient Greece.





Ancient Greece – Religion and Beliefs


After learning about the 12 Greek gods and goddesses who resided on Mount Olympus, we chose 4 gods/goddesses to write fact files about, using additional research.


Ancient Rome - Significant Figure


After learning about Julius Caesar, we independently answered the question ‘Was Julius Caesar a good leader?’


“I think he was a good leader because he expanded the Roman empire.” – Zoe


“While Caesar protected his army, I believe he is a bad leader because in 44BC he declared himself ‘Roman dictator for life’ which isn’t very fair! – Ava


“I think Caesar was a good leader because he gave poor Romans grains to grow their own food so they wouldn’t go hungry.” – Dani


Year 4 planning their argument and using their oracy skills to deliver it to the class

Year 4 Mastery - Comparing Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt


 In order to really display what we have learnt over the course of the topic,  we created an extended piece of writing comparing their Year 3 topic 'Ancient Egypt' and their Year 4 topic 'Ancient Greece'.This was an opportunity for us to utilise all of their learning in a new way by examining both time periods and making links between them.