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IDL - Online literacy and numeracy programme


IDL is an online, multi-sensory, interactive programme to support any specific literacy or numeracy difficulties, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or poor working memory.  Pupils are able to work independently and teachers can track their progress on each unit.  Children should spend between 15 - 20 minutes per day on the programme to develop their skills in reading, spelling and numeracy.


IDL literacy will support learners with dyslexia or other learning difficulties to increase their reading and spelling ability. Lessons will automatically match the child's reading and spelling age in order to be accessible and engaging.


IDL numeracy helps learners with dyscalculia or other number difficulties and aims to improve ability for lower-attaining children in mathematics. Children will complete an online assessment in order to determine the level of learning they will be able to access independently.


You can access IDL via a computer or laptop via - please note, IDL only works with the Google Chrome browser.


Alternatively, you can download the FREE IDL2 Mobile app via the App store or Play store on an iPad or Android device.

Parents guide for using IDL at home