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Legacy of the Slave Trade Bus Tour

As part of our current History topic, The Liverpool Transatlantic Slave Trade, Year 6 completed their very own ‘hop on/ hop off’ bus tour around key locations in Liverpool related to the Liverpool Slave Trade.

Locations included:

  • Walton Hall Park

  • Penny Lane 

  • Queen Victoria Monument

  • The Town Hall

  • The Liverpool Slavery Museum

  • Rodney Street

The trip was an enjoyable experience for all and a great opportunity for children to explore real life history in their own city.
 'I can't believe there is so much History connected to Liverpool regarding the Slave Trade. I live near Walton Park and have never considered that it would have links to the Slave Trade. I could not help but wonder whether to hundreds of people who visit the park know about the history too!' - Alex, C15
'Did you know that the current location of the Queen Victoria Monument was previously the grounds of a castle?' - Honor, C15