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Enriching experiences

Computer Aided T-Shirt Deigns 


Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful workshop with Hi Impact, creating their own digital t-shirt designs. They created patterns pieces in Sketchpad and used these to create applique designs. Here are some of our fantastic final products!

Digital Art 


We were lucky enough to work with Fact Liverpool in order to learn how to create digital sculptures via an iPad as well as exploring the use of face filters. To begin with, we worked with a specialist artist and used the website Sculpt.GL in order to create our digital sculptures using the different features and tools available. We were able to design and create a range of sculptures based on different themes such as animals and super powers. Then, we looked at the creation of face filters - the first steps into creating 3-D characters.

Dissection Workshop 

Later this half term, we will be taking part in an exciting heart dissection workshop. Through the integration of modern technologies, our pupils will take part in an engaging scientific based workshop. Watch this space for further updates! 


International Slavery Museum

As part of our recent trip to the Albert Dock, we enjoyed looking at the various exhibits at the International Slavery Museum. We learned so much about the maritime heritage of Liverpool and Britain's involvement in the slave-trade.

This trip was enhanced by the immersive learning we experienced as we gained an insight into the atrocious conditions experienced by the slaves. Through the power of virtual and augmented reality technologies, we were transported aboard the gruelling slave ships of yesteryear.   


Who would have thought that modern technology would have played such a big part

in helping us to understand a period in history? I would like to visit World Museum Liverpool

and see if I was able to be transported to Ancient Egypt

(using the power of modern technology of course!).

(Carter - C15)