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Enriching experiences

Cooking and Nutrition - Preference test 

To help us decide on ingredients for our couscous, we had to first conduct a preference test. This is a taste test to help us decide which ingredients we enjoy and what would work well together when cooked in couscous. We were very excited to try a variety of ingredients that we could use!       




Cooking and Nutrition - Learning from the professionals 

In order to create our omelettes and couscous, we worked with our school cook, who demonstrated the skills we needed to prepare our ingredients and how to use a variety of utensils safely. For many of us, this was the first time we had used equipment such as knives, hand blenders and hobs and we were eager to learn some new skills we could use in our own kitchens!



Hi Impact Workshop - Creating an earthquake tower 

Working in groups, we were tasked with creating a freestanding structure that would withstand an earthquake. After discussing our ideas, we set to building our towers as a team, adapting our designs along the way. After testing our structures on the ‘earthquake simulator’, we problem solved any issues and improved the stability of the towers. While challenging, we loved improving our teamwork and listening skills!