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Enriching experiences

Traditional Greek Cuisine - Learning for the professionals

In order to create their Greek inspired dishes, pupils worked with our school cook to learn a range of food preparation skills and how to use specialist equipment in order to prepare their ingredients.

For many children this was the first time they had prepared ingredients or used specialist equipment such as vegetable peelers, garlic crushes and food blenders, and our professional cook was able to instruct and guide pupils in how to prepare ingredients correctly and use the eqiupment safety, which also enpowered pupils to work independently.


'I'd never used a garlis crush before. It didn't know how to use it at first but after I was shown waht to do by cook, I was able to crush the garlic on my own!' - Will H


'I have never used a peeler or deseeded a cucumber before but working with cook gave me the confidence to do it on my own!' - Amelia M 


'I didn't know how to marinate the meat for the Souvlaki but because cook showed us what to do and explained the importance of food hygiene when working with raw meat, I was able to do it safely on my own! - Cristian H

Fantasy Torches - Design Inspirations

By researching different torch designs and exploring existing products to find out how they're made and how they work, children were able to make connections with how other battery operated products work, including many the devices they have at home. This enriched children's understanding of how electrical products in the real world are designed and made and inspired them to deisgn and make torches that were not only functional and practical, but also that were designed with a specific purpose and user in mind. Some children also had inspired ideas for battery powered devices that they could make at home.


'It's really clever how some electrical devices are designed and made so that they easier for children to use.' - Bella B


'I have an electronics set at home that I have never used, but now I know what to do, I am going to make a little electric fan that I can use to keep me cool in the summer!' - Alex W