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Enriching Experiences

Enjoying a Spanish Meal


What a memorable lunchtime when our pupils entered the dining hall one day to discover that it had been transformed into 'un restaurante español'! With a range of delicious Spanish dishes to choose from, it was 'excelente' to see pupils expanding their taste buds with new flavours. In the background, different styles of music with Spanish pop beats played along as the children experienced a taste of Spanish culture. 


"I loved experiencing and tasting the scrumptious Spanish food that was on offer. I really liked how the textures and flavours were a bit different to the things I would usually eat. If I had the choice, Spanish food would be on the menu once a week in our school!" Cody P


Spanish Meal Review

Spanish Christmas Celebrations


Year 5 enjoyed writing Christmas cards to their loved ones in Spanish over the festive period. To celebrate this special time of year, pupils also sang along to 'Feliz Navidad'. 


"I liked singing 'Merry Christmas' in Spanish and I tried my best to use a Spanish accent! I enjoyed the feeling of everyone being involved together. Also, I liked making a Christmas card for my family in Spanish." Ava B

'Feliz Navidad' from Class 12...

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