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Chinese New Year Performance - Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

As part of their on-going Mandarin lessons, a group of Year 5 children had an unforgettable opportunity yesterday. Here is Lucie’s account of it.

“Yesterday a group of Year 5 children all journeyed to the one and only Playhouse Theatre in Liverpool to perform a traditional Chinese dance named ‘little apple’ in front of a packed audience. As we had been working hard to rehearse the dance with our Mandarin teacher, Patty, we all felt excited for the performance! It felt simply indescribable to perform the dance on stage in front of so many people! Astonished and captivated, we then had the chance to see the other spectacular acts perform on stage. It was truly amazing as they performed a range of dances with acrobatics, hula hoops and drums. They certainly were action-packed performances!”

Lucie – Class 12

Well done to all of the children who took part! Check back soon for some photos from the performance!