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Non Excidet

Careers Week

Careers Week

Each year At St. Francis De Sales we have 'Careers Week'. This year, to link with the Jigsaw Scheme, 'Careers week' has been delivered alongside the PSHE topic: 'Dreams and Goals'. During this week, we aimed to give the children an opportunity to explore the many vocations available to them. They were encouraged to think about their interests and aspirations, while considering if a career provides a lifestyle they would enjoy. Most importantly, the children were made aware of the steps they will need to take in order to achieve their 'dream' career. This can then inform their choices for the coming years. 

Everton in the Community 

Ellie, who currently plays for Blackburn Rovers, and Jordan, who has just launched a successful coaching app, came to speak to the children about 'Dreams and Goals'. Both have had careers as a footballer and now work at Everton in the Community as coaches, helping other children to achieve their dreams. They discussed how important it was for them to have a plan B, as a career in football can often be disheartening. They encouraged the children to set themselves goals, work hard to achieve those goals and to be resilient if their goals are harder to achieve than they thought. The strongest message they had was: "Never give up!" 


"I was really Inspired by Ellie as she embodied the 'Non Excidet' Spirt and proved that even if you do not achieve your dream you can still live an exciting life." - Scarlett, Year 5.


"I like that Jordan keeps pushing himself. Even When he reaches a goal, he doesn't just stop, he makes a new one and pushes himself even harder." - Georgie, Year 6 

Medical Careers

Throughout January, Year 6 have been participating in a 'first response' first aid skills session. They have learnt how to treat an unconscious patient, check their breathing and even how to treat certain burns or wounds. The children have really enjoyed acquiring this essential life skill and gaining insight into a medical career.


"This workshop has proven that anyone can help in an emergency situation. It has inspired me to volunteer with St. Johns Ambulance when I am older." - Nathan, Year 6. 


"Wayne has inspired me to think about a embarking on a career were I can help others." - Alexia, Year 5.

Job Junction 


Job Junction was an opportunity for the children to talk with many different professionals about their job roles, opportunities and lifestyles. Companies that attended include; Sovini, UK Visas and Immigration, and  Equip Coaching. The children left the workshop with ideas of potential careers and what it would take for them to be successful in their chosen field.