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Aquisition of knowledge and skills

Electrical Systems

Mechanical Systems: Pulleys

Cooking and Nutrition - Making Artisan Bread


For the cookery and nutrition unit, Year 5 explored various ingredients that are often used in traditional artisan bread. Working alongside our chef, the Year 5 pupils tasted a range of ingredients to identify which ingredients they preferred. The pupils applied measuring skills previously learnt before making, kneading proving and shaping their dough.

Building Bridges 

We learnt that in order to build a successful bridge, we needed to know about the different types of bridges, how they work and understand the forces they must be strong enough to withstand.  


We learnt that many bridges uses braces to strengthen and support them. This is often done by using triangular shapes due to the fact they remain rigid and can withstand greater forces than other structural shapes.

Italian Cuisine 

For the cookery and nutrition unit, Year 5 explored the various ingredients that are often used in traditional Italian cuisine. Working alongside our school chef, the Year 5 pupils taste tested a range of ingredients and decided whether they wanted to include them in their own pasta dish. We then chopped our chosen vegetables ready to be added to our sauce and dish later. 

Chicken and Fish Wraps

We explored the alternative options to fast food and the nutritional benefits of making better choices. After looking at the health benefits of having salad and proteins in our diet, we began tasting a variety of ingredients. This allowed us the opportunity to know the flavours we were able to incorporate into our wrap recipes. 

When we began making our wraps, we learnt new skills such as how to bread raw meat. We created a glue-like surface with a flour and egg blend which coated the surface of the meat. The breadcrumbs adhered to the surface which created a crispy coating. Keeping in mind health and safety, we needed to keep one hand clean to avoid any cross contamination.