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Aquisition of knowledge and skills


Cooking and Nutrition - Preference Test

As part of our cooking and nutrition project, we conducted a preference test in order to discover which ingredients we would like to use when making our omelettes. Not only did we sample foods and give reasons for our choices, but we also identified what the food was in order to help us understand if the food we were tasting was grown, reared or caught. 





Taste testing different ingredients 


Recording our opinions

Cooking and Nutrition - Preparing ingredients 

To ensure we were able to correctly – and safely – prepare our ingredients, we practised our chopping skills using the bridge and claw methods.  




In addition to perfecting our chopping skills, we practised cracking and beating and egg, which is very important when making an omelette!



Textiles - Developing our sewing skills 

Before we could even begin making our pillows, we had to first practise our sewing skills. For some of us, this meant practising threading a needle as we’d never sewn before! Practising a variety of stitches allowed us to decide which ones we felt most comfortable using and which we could use on our final product.