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Aquisition of knowledge and skills

Health Lunchboxes

Year 4 have been investigating the food items found in a typical school lunchbox to find out whether they are healthy or not. Then, focusing on pasta salads and fruit pots as healthy alternatives to white bread sandwiches and sugary snacks, children learnt about the nutritional benefits of different types of pasta and the healthy ingredients that can be included in a salad box, as well as learning about how food is grown and how the natural sugars in fruit are produced.

As part of their research, children also taste tested a range of pasta salads sold in supermarkets, as well as a variety of pastas, sauces, vegetables, proteins and fruits to find out: which ingredients they liked and didn’t like; what combination of ingredients would be included in their finished products; and the cooking and cutting skills needed to prepare the ingredients.


'I didn't know about wholewheat pasta before or how to cook pasta, but now, I am definately going to make it at home with my mum.' - Anisa K


'It's amazing how fruits use the energy from the sun to make natural sugars! They are so sweet and tasty!' - Phoebe H 

Fantasy Torches - Contextual knowledge and skills

As part of their Fantasy Torches design project, Year 4 have been learning about the invention of the torch (or 'flashlight', as they was originally called), the different practical ways in which torches are used and the impact this important invention has had on the modern world. 

Children aslo investigated torch designs of the past and present and where surprised to discover that even though advances in technology have led to improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness and the design of torches, modern torches work in basically the same way as Liverpool born, David Misell’s original 1899 design.

In addition, children explored a range of different torches to find out how they were made and how they work. Using their knowledge of electricity, learnt in Science, children were able to identify the electrical components used to make a torch and drew their own annotated diagrams to show how the electrical circuit in a torch works.


'I really enjoyed taking the different torches apart to see how they work!' - Harry M


'I drew an annotated diagram to show how to make an electrical torch circuit with a switch to turn it on and off.' - Joe G