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Aquisition of knowledge and skills

Moving pictures


To begin with, we learnt about the history of moving pictures including exploring some of the first moving picture books including exploring simple pop up books. We then looked at examples of levers and linkages in order to develop an understanding of how moving pictures work and how we could use them to create our very own moving pictures. 

Discovering the history of moving pictures
Learning about pivots, before we make our own!
Learning the theory, so we can use it in our own

"I enjoyed learning about the technical knowledge before we created our own moving images - it was so much fun!"- Keara, C2


"We learned about sliders, levers and linkages. I liked that we could design our own cards and decide which mechanisms to use."- Callum, C2


"After evaluating my product, I decided that next time I would include an extra pivot so that I could have another star shooting across the sky."- Ava, C2

Making a Healthy Pizza


As part of the cooking and nutrition aspect of the D&T curriculum, each child in Year 3 made a healthy pizza. To begin with, we explored the origin of pizza and where the name for the 'margherita pizza' came from. 

Once we had an understanding of the origins of pizzas, we learnt about the process of making a pizza which includes: making the dough, leaving the dough to proof, adding toppings, and leaving it to cook. 

Preparing our dough - this was hard work!
We designed the front cover for our Pizza Box!
Adding ingredients to ensure a balanced diet
Ready to go - now time to cook!

"I chose to use tomatoes and olives on my pizza to ensure that I have a healthy and varied diet." - Cody, C2


"I loved making my Pizza! My favourite part was testing the food and preparing it by myself as I've never done this before." - Isla, C2