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Aquisition of knowledge and skills

Pneumatic Monsters


Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed learning about pneumatic system's.They have had a great time investigating the different ways air can be used for a pneumatic object to work. Their 'Non-Excidet' mindset was impressive and was definitely the key to the many successes that followed.


After uncovering the basis of a pneumatic system the pupil's looked at examples of pneumatic's in the real world and began investigating the tools that can be used in a pneumatic system.


'My favourite object to investigate was the recorder. When you blow through the mouthpiece, you push the air through the tunnel and when the air escapes through one of the holes it makes a high-pitched noise.' - Lucas

Cooking and Nutrition


Whilst studying the cooking and nutrition aspect of D&T, every child in Year 3 researched, designed, made and evaluated the iterative process of creating a healthy toast topping and fruit salad. After developing our understanding of the importance of healthy and nutritious food, the making process began!

"The bridge and claw technique really helped me when slicing my orange because it was very slippery and the juices kept squirting out." - Erin, C3


"My favourite part of the day was when I cut the food using the plastic knife. I cut strawberries, kiwi and apple." - Zack, C1


"I found spreading the tuna onto the toast to be a little tricky, I'm going to practise this at home so I get better at it. Then, I'll be able to make my own toast and healthy toppings at home whenever I want to with my mum and dad!" - Riley, C3

Moving pictures


To begin with, we learnt about the history of moving pictures including exploring some of the first moving picture books including exploring simple pop up books. We then looked at examples of levers and linkages in order to develop an understanding of how moving pictures work and how we could use them to create our very own moving pictures. 

"I enjoyed learning about the technical knowledge before we created our own moving images - it was so much fun!"- Keara, C2


"We learned about sliders, levers and linkages. I liked that we could design our own cards and decide which mechanisms to use."- Callum, C2


"After evaluating my product, I decided that next time I would include an extra pivot so that I could have another star shooting across the sky."- Ava, C2