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Acquisition of knowledge and skills

Main Cities of the United Kingdom

After refreshing our memory of the countries of the UK and their capitals, we were challenged to place the 12 most populous cities onto a map of the United Kingdom, using an atlas for support. 


What is Europe?

After learning about Europe, we described the location of the continent and used an atlas to support us in locating European countries and their capitals. We also worked in pairs to located European rivers and mountain ranges on a map.







Spain Fact File

After learning about Spain, we created a fact file about the country, using the internet and research to support us. We also researched two Spanish settlements: Madrid and Bilbao and compared their similarities and differences. Did you know Madrid is home to the Spanish royal palace and the Santiago Bernabéu stadium?



Comparing Barcelona and Liverpool

Using our prior knowledge of Barcelona and Liverpool to support us, we compared the physical and human geography of these two influential cities. We looked at a variety of attributes including location, landscape and culture and discussed their similarities and differences.


‘Did you know Liverpool has an average of 145 rainy days per year? Whereas Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers!’ – Zoe