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Acquisition of knowledge and skills

The United Kingdom


To start our topic on the UK, we used a range of maps to identify the four countries which make up the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), locating the capital cities in each of these countries and locating some of the major cities.

"I enjoyed learning about the different countries and cities in the UK. Do you know the capital cities of the four countries in the UK?"- Daisy, C1


We used a map of the UK to identify the different counties which are found in the United Kingdom including Merseyside. Then, we used a range of sources to research and identify key human and physical features within the county we live in (Merseyside) before creating a digital presentation showing examples of the landmarks we identified. 

After exploring the different cities and counties which are found in the United Kingdom, we identified what a region is as well as identifying the regions within the United Kingdom. Then, we used different sources (including Google Earth and a range of maps) to identify key human and physical landmarks in the North West of England as well exploring land use in the region. 

"Using Google Earth and exploring a range of maps has really helped me understand aspects of place a lot more. I now have a better understanding of the different places within the UK and can identify where they are on a map. Also, exploring the North West of England was extremely enjoyable as it showed me just how many exciting landmarks there are in the region and how much there is to do!"- Ava, C3