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St Francis de SalesCatholic Junior School

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Acquisition of knowledge and skills

Debugging a program 


The children have been looking at the computer programing language of code. They have learnt how computer programmers around the world use lines of code to create the computer programs, software and apps that we use almost everyday. 


When there is a problem with the code someone has written, the program will not run. This is called a bug. So, before the children move on to writing their own code and making their own games, they have acquired the skill of reading code and checking for bugs. This process is called debugging.


"I really enjoyed that, when I successfully debugged the program, I was awarded gems. I want to keep going and see how many gems I can win." - Dan H


"I am looking forward to writing my own code. I wonder if I could create an app when I grow up?"- Scarlett M

Creating a digital presentation on the legacy of the Ancient Greeks

Year 4 have been learning how to use the 'Clips' app to create a digital presentation on the legacy of the Ancient Greeks. The children used many skills including filming, adding effects and then they learnt how to edit their presentations until they were happy. Excellent work Year 4!

Digital Literacy - Google Classrooms

Year 4 pupils have been developing their digital literacy skills by learning how to use the Google Classroom digital remote learning platform. After logging into their accounts, pupils learnt how to create a document and to search for relevent images online and copy them into their work, before saving and submitting their completed work.

In addition, pupils worked collaboratively to create a digital book about Greek myths and legends using web based presentation software.


'I wasn't really sure about how to  use Google Classrooms before but after working with the experts from Hi-impact, I'm much more confident about creating documents and how to save and submit my completed work.' - Riley K


'Learning how to use Google Classroom has made me a lot more confident about remote learning.' - Lola F