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Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

Weekly Lessons

In our weekly Spanish lessons, we use actions, song and games to embed our new knowledge!


"When learning Spanish through singing songs I find it really useful. The songs help you to remember the order of the words (such as days of the week and months of the year). Music and singing also aids our well-being."

Anthony S

Floor book

In our Spanish floor book, we showcase all the knew knowledge we have acquired each lesson. Take a look!

Describing the weather


Year 4 have been learning about how to describe the weather in Spanish. This involved learning a song to remember the different types of weather and practising our pronunciation.


'I love learning songs in Spanish because they help me to make actions and remember new words!'


Naming school subjects - Las asignaturas


Year 4 have been learning how to talk about our school subjects.This involved the children learning which subjects were masculine and which were feminine. For example, 'la geographia' and 'el ingles'. They made links to their prior learning of giving opinions in Year 3 to talk about their favourite and least favourite subjects. Here are some of our opinions:


'Me encanta la musica!'


'No me gusta las matematicas.'


Learning about animal habitats - Donde vivien los animales?


Linking with their Science learning, our children have been learning how to describe the habitats of different animals. We used our knowledge of masculine and feminine subjects, as well as applying simple agreements to singular and plural articles.


'We use los to show a mascuiline plural and las to show a feminine plural noun'