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Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills


All pupils in Year 6 receive regular Music lessons in which they acquire knowledge and skills of both how to be a great musician using several different instruments and appreciation of a variety of different genres of music. Pupils also have the opportunity to further their knowledge and skills through extra peripatetic instrumental teaching. 

A performance from the start of our ukulele topic, as we recapped our prior learning

Practising the skill of performing in a group


"I have been really enjoying my ukulele lessons this year and look forward to them every week! It hurts my fingers, but it's a lot of fun and I want to persevere at it to keep getting better." - Landon


"I think it is an extraordinary opportunity that we get to experience playing the ukulele, especially after lockdown. Not many schools have this privilege and that's why I'm grateful for it. Since I already play saxophone, I think it is amazing that I also get the chance to learn the ukulele!" - Sophia


"I have loved being able to continue to learn from home in my Music lessons. Learning about our topic song, 'Happy', through remote learning has made me really happy! It has given me a chance to express myself each week." - Ava