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Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills


All pupils in Year 4 receive regular Music lessons in which they acquire knowledge and skills of both how to be a great musician using several different instruments and appreciation of a variety of different genres of music. Pupils also have the opportunity to further their knowledge and skills through extra peripatetic instrumental teaching. 


A performance from the start of our topic, as we recapped prior learning

"I am really enjoying learning the ukulele in Year 4. We learnt the chords C and A minor and to play some short songs like 'A Sailor Went to Sea'. I can't wait to continue my ukulele lessons next year!" - Lydia

Disco music - Mamma Mia

"Learning Mamma Mia has been lots of fun, it's one of my favourite songs and I've really enjoyed being able to learn about it from home!" - Amelia