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Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills


All pupils in Year 3 receive regular Music lessons in which they acquire knowledge and skills of both how to be a great musician using several different instruments and appreciation of a variety of different genres of music. Pupils also have the opportunity to further their knowledge and skills through extra peripatetic instrumental teaching. 

Acquiring New Skills & Knowledge

Picture 1 Asking questions to clarify new knowledge
Picture 2 Listening & Appraising new music
Picture 3 Practising our listening and appreciation
Picture 4 Learning about Reggae music
Picture 5 Experimenting with our Boomwhackers!
Picture 6 Learning how the size affects the pitch
Picture 7 Learning to play the glockenspiel
Picture 8 Learning to play a melody on the glockenspiel

"We've been learning all about Reggae music in Year 3. I didn't know anything about the genre before but I love it now! The song 'Three Little Birds' makes me feel happy and like everything will be alright!" - Maggie


"In choir, we've learned all about singing in harmony with each other, singing in a round and how to sing different parts as a group." - Laila, Class 2