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29/11/2017 - Light workshop with Mr. B

Science Workshop: Light


Today, Year 6 took part in a workshop to kick off our Science topic on ‘light’. We carried out a range of investigations to learn about how light is reflected off objects and how the different light sources allow the light to shine on the object and then into the eye. After this, we then discovered a process called ‘refraction’ and investigated how light is refracted through a dense object which causes the light to bend.


During the workshop with Mr. B, he taught us all about how light travels, the speed of light, how the brain works to flip images at the back of our eye and much more. In one of the activities, we used torches with different coloured lights to draw light paintings on the Ipad. 


To conclude our workshop, we had the opportunity to try on different glasses that simulated a ‘horses’ eye and glasses which simulate what happens inside a camera where light is reflected at 45o.

Year 6 had an excellent day learning about ‘light’ and will be consolidating their knowledge of how light works in Science lessons over the coming weeks.


Thank you, Mr B J