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25/06/19 - Drugs and Alcohol Awareness - Merseyside Maritime Museum Visit

Year 5 took an exciting trip to the Merseyside Maritime Museum to recognise the impact of substance misuse as part of Drugs and Alcohol awareness week.

The children took part in a thought provoking workshop that focused on legal and illegal drugs and how they can negatively impact our body functions and lifestyle. Alongside this we discussed the effective ways that we can resist negative pressure and instead make healthy choices.

To finish the workshop, we explored how many adults regularly use a particular drug … alcohol! We had the opportunity to experience how alcohol can alter your senses and coordination by attempting to stack a set of cups while wearing ‘beer goggles’! They simulated how a person under the influence of alcohol may struggle to see, move and interact when heavily under the influence.

Following on from the workshop, we then had the chance to explore the Seized! Gallery and learn more about how the UK Border Force protect our society.