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23/03/2018: Map Skills and Globe Work

Map Skills & Globe Work


Today and yesterday, in Geography, Year 6 have been working on their locational skills! We have looked at various features of the Earth and have even started cartography work! Here's Diana to tell you more:


"I have loved our Geography work this week. My favourite part was drawing the world on the balloons and judging/critiquing it. We had to draw a physical map of the world as a baseline and then use self-assessment and peer-assessment to analyse our strengths and weaknesses. After this, we used an atlas to sketch another map and give information about some of the key features of the Earth. I enjoyed labelling the continents, oceans, Northern/Southern Hemispheres, lines of latitude and longitude, Arctic Circle, the Equator and, of course, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn!"


Now over to Alfie to run you through our second lesson:


"In our second lesson, we started to take a look a North America, which is going to be our focus for this unit of work. We had to sketch the maps of Europe and North America (by hand, with no help, other than at atlas!) and label the capital cities and important landmarks, such as rivers and mountains. We then discussed the similarities between the physical geography of North America and Europe. I learned that North America is made up of twenty-three countries and nine different territories. Furthermore, I also found out that the highest peak in North America is 'Denali', also known as Mount McKinley!"