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22/09/17: Ancient Greek Day

Greek Enrichment Extravaganza!


Today, in Year 5, the children have been experiencing life in Ancient Greece.


Food Tasting, Ancient Greek Style:


The children were able to sample food such as olives, pomegranates, humus, pitta bread, figs, stuffed vine leaves, honey and Greek yoghurt. We were amazed at how open the children were to experiencing new tastes and textures and then to critically assess what they had tasted. Perhaps we have the next judges for Master Chef! We were very proud of them!



Making Laurel Wreath Crowns:


In Ancient Greece, the winners of the events contested each Olympiad would receive a laurel wreath crown. This tradition was passed down until the Roman Emperor Theodosius I put a stop to the games. In 2004, the games were held in Athens (their original birthplace), so, to celebrate, the winners were once more awarded a laurel wreath! Today, we spent an hour making our own wreaths and decorating them to look just like the ones that the Greeks wore!