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22/06/17: Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest - Mountain Biking!


After some other children had made the journey yesterday, it was time for a collection of children from Classes 12 and 10 to venture to the wonderful Delamere Forest! In contrast to Class 9 earlier in the week, Class 12 had to contend with the wind and the rain (not the sun!). After arriving and having lunch, we were given a safety tutorial (where we displayed the knowledge acquired earlier in the week, at Bikeability!) and then set off on our way.


Whilst there were some speed bumps (Jess's tyre and Chloe's 'gymnastics' off her bike), we had a truly incredible day. The children could not get enough of speeding down the hills and battled on bravely when faced with an incline climb.  When our time came to an end, we simply did not want to leave! I am definitely not alone in wanting to go back again! Check out some photographs from the trip below! 





Yesterday morning, at 11am, we set off on our journey to Delamere Forest. When we arrived, we quickly had our lunch and then were fitted for our helmets and our bikes. When we started moving, we came across some bumpy and steep hills. Most of us navigated these successfully; however, one of us (Chloe) took a tumble over the front of their bike! Thankfully, she was okay and she battled on! The part that I enjoyed the most was speeding down the hills (remembering to hold on and use our breaks when we needed to!). It was a very tiring but exciting experience. I would really like to go back and have another go!


Freya, Rayaan, Jessica & Chloe