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19/06/17: Bikeability (C11&12)



Classes 11 & 12 certainly picked a good day for it! With the sun beaming down onto our Sun Creamed heads, some of our Year 5 children took to the yard (and the streets) to show off their biking skills. Needless to say, the children were 'wheely' impressive, yet all left looking a little bit 'tyred'. 


Here's what some of the children had to say!


Today, we did Bikeability, which was amazing! The instructors helped us to develop our cycling skills (including signalling and U-turns!). In the afternoon, we went out of school into the streets with our instructor (Greg). It was so fun, because we went in our local area and put into operation, all of the skills that we had learned that day!


Gabby G (C12)


Today, we went out of school with professional cycling instructors and journeyed throughout the whole of our local area. I was ecstatic, it was really fun, but also incredibly tiring. I think that my awareness of the dangers of cycling have improved and I can recognise the potential hazards on the streets. I also developed my knowledge of the different parts of the bike and how they work. I had such a fun day!


Adam (C12)


Photographs to follow...