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17/11/2017 - Year 5 Storm the Playground for Womens' Votes

The cries of “Deeds not words!” and “Votes for Women!” could be heard reverberating for miles on Friday as the Year 5 children of St. Francis de Sales Junior School took to the playground to protest for equality between the genders.


This half term, the children have been studying the Suffragette movement and were so moved by the suffragettes’ plight for the right to vote that they decided to take action. In preparation, the children had designed and painted their own posters for the protest march, as well as practising some of the famous chants the suffragettes themselves used.


One reporter at the scene managed to speak to one of the children, Jessica, who spoke boldly of their cause:

“We were protesting because we strongly agreed with the suffragettes’ campaign. It’s not fair at all that women were not able to vote, because females are equal to men but they were not treated equally.”


After the protest concluded, the children calmly returned to the school building, however there is great speculation that the children's interest in the suffragettes has yet to cease.