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16/06/2017 Year 6 Mini Olympics

Year 6 Mini Olympics


Today, specialist sports coaches came in to give Year 6 a taste of a range of different and exciting sports in our Year 6 Mini Olympics! First of all, our pupils got the chance to play the brilliantly named “Danish Long Ball”, which promoted teamwork and the chance to dodge a fast ball. Javelin was also very popular – Daniel McHugh was particularly impressive and had brilliant technique. Other sports included: long jump, relay, “Ultimate Frisbee” and volleyball! The pupils loved the day, Terence reflected, “My favourite was Danish Long Ball because I loved how we had to dodge and sprint, all the time keeping an eye on our opponents. The Ultimate Frisbee was fantastic, you had to score through a net – I was exhausted by the end of that!”


After a brilliant day of experiencing these sports we are sure our pupils will sleep well tonight!