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16/05/2019 - Poetry Performances

Following our trip earlier on in the year to Crosby Beach, the children have worked hard during English lessons to imagine what the 'Another Place' sculptures must experience daily and at different times of the year. The children have also tried to imagine how the sculptures might feel and what might cross their minds if they could experience emotions. 


Once the children had considered all of the above, they created xeransis poems from the perspective of the iron men. This type of poem begins with a line containing a set amount of words and then as each line follows on, it decreases by one word at a time until the final line has just one powerful word. 


After the children had written their poems, they were given the opportunity to perform them to their peers. They had to consider the following things: using appropriate facial expressions, adapting their voices to suit the tone of the line in question, the volume of their voices and how they made eye contact with a range of their peers.