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16/01/2017 - Hi-Impact Balloon Launch

Balloon Launch


As we arrived at school this morning, we were greeted by an unusual sight... a giant balloon was sitting in the middle of the playground. A buzz of excitement swept across the school.


After meeting with the experts from Hi-Impact, we soon found out that the balloon was filled with Helium. Because Helium is a lighter gas than air, the balloon is always trying to go upwards. Good job it was attached to the ground by a rope!


On the bottom of the balloon was a 360 degree camera which means that the videos we have taken are in all directions! We are hoping to have some really good videos and pictures of our local area to use in our Geography lessons.


Below is a slideshow and some video footage of the balloon launch...

Balloon Launch

Uploaded by sfdsliverpool on 2017-01-18.

Tethered Helium Balloon over St. Francis de Sales School GoPro Footage

GoPro footage from a tethered Helium balloon flight over St. Francis de Sales school, Liverpool. Showing a train passing under the school playground, out to the docks and over the city.