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15/03/17: PE - Hanging in the Balance!

Hanging in the Balance:


With Mr Gow speeding down the slopes in France, we had the opportunity to partake in a different type of PE Lesson. We focused on our balancing skills and our core strength. We used benches (upside down!), bean-bags, tennis balls and footballs! Of course, we had our crash mats out for safety measures and we even kept each other safe by being there to 'spot' our group members!


'Today, in PE, Mr Kennedy was teaching us about balance and core strength! We were standing on upside down benches. On the first bench, we had to catch ball, which was thrown at us by our partner. It was so hard to do this whilst standing on an upside down bench! Luckily, I had the mats and a partner next to me, just in case I fell! On the second bench, we had to balance on the beam whilst walking across it from an incline - it was so tough. On the third bench, we had to squat down as low as we could on the upside down bench,  this really tested my balance! On the final bench, we had to balance whilst hitting a tennis ball back at our partner!  I loved PE this week, especially because we never usually get to do it with Mr Kennedy!'


Ella, C12