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14/11/2016 - 17/11/2016 - WWI Workshop

WWI Workshop


This week, Year 6 had the opportunity to experience life as a WWI soldier. The day started with learning about the causes of WWI and the events that took place before the war broke out. Then, we learnt all about the different countries involved on both sides of the war and how the different countries were involved. After this, we delved into how the thousands of young men were recruited for the war and then what their life was like in the trenches. Aswell as this, we then practised how to use he bandages to provide first aid to all the injured soldiers. There were lots of different ways the bandage could be used to help the wounded soldiers and the pupils were showing some excellent first aid skills to bandage each other up.


Later in the day, we even got to look inside a soldier’s rucksack to see what soldiers carried round with them. The bag was extremely heavy and full of food that could be preserved for years to keep them going. It also contained an entrenching tool, barbed wire cutters, gas masks and other survival equipment. To finish our day, we then learnt the march that the soldiers carried out from the camp to the battlefield. Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about life as a soldier in WWI and have been able to use all this information in their writing.