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14/01/2019- British Values: Showing self and mutual respect

As part of our ‘British Values’ topic, this week we have been looking at how we can show mutual and self-respect to each other.

We came up with some rules for how to show mutual respect. They were:

  • Be polite 
  • Give encouragement e.g. “You can do it!”
  • Listen when other people speak
  • Be mindful of the feelings and opinions of others
  • Be helpful
  • Speak to others in kind manner
  • Don’t insult or make fun of others

Following this, we explored rules for showing ourselves respect. They were:

  • Be honest with yourself (and others)
  • Take pride in your appearance
  • Be responsible
  • Work hard
  • Take care of your body
  • Increase your knowledge
  • Believe in yourself


Some fantastic rules that we should all live by! To bring the lesson to a positive close, we completed ‘Positivity Passage’. Each pupil completed a walk through a passage of their classmates as they all said positive things about them.  This was a fantastic display of mutual respect from all of our Year 4 pupils!