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13/05/19 - Delamere Forest: Mountain Biking

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their exciting trip to Delamere Forest. With the sun shining, we visited the beautiful Delamere Forest to experience mountain biking and bush skills. During the bush skills, we learnt how to survive in the forest by making shelters. We used what was at our disposal to create a shelter that would keep us safe from the elements. Team work was very important during this task, as we needed to work together to find what we needed in order to build a successful shelter. Next, we used fire steels to create the spark needed to begin a small fire. We listened carefully to the health and safety instructions and were able to successfully light a small piece of cotton wool. 


The mountain biking was the main attraction during this wonderful trip. We worked on our cycling skills and explored the stunning forest as we followed the trial. The more confident riders even managed a bit of off road cycling. 


Overall, we had an amazing trip which left Year 5 wanting to visit Delamere Forest again in the future.