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12/12/2017: Maths - 'The Christmas Sale!'

The Christmas Sale:


Although Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday has been shut down for the year, that hasn't stopped Year 6 from getting into the Christmas spirit by...tackling some percentage problems...


Problems involving Christmas presents, of course! Beware, parents, after today's lesson in the hall, your child just might ask for some special 'discounted' games consoles or tablets for Christmas! Our goal was to look at the cost of the same gift from two separate stores (both shall remain nameless!) and then check how much the discount from each store would save the customer. From there, we had to decide which one we would rather buy the product from (which was obviously the cheaper store - everybody loves a bargain!). 




Here's what one of our bargain hunters had to say: 


Today, on the 12th December, 2017, we had an unusual Maths lesson; furthermore, we were sent down to the hall and split up into groups of six. Next, we were given sheets with the prices of presents on, from two rival supermarkets! The sheets told us how much discount that both stores were applying to their products. In our groups, we had to work out the new cost of the items and highlight which store had the best offers. I really enjoyed going outside the classroom for Maths today, it was so much fun and I was able to use Maths in a real-life context!


Olivia M