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12/11/18-16/11/18 - RE: Judaism Week

During Judaism week in Year 3, the children explored the synagogue and the importance of it as a special place of worship. This year, we are building on this knowledge as we explore the Torah.


To begin Judaism week, the children were introduced to the Torah and explored the process that is taken to produce one. Following this, we explored the job role of a Sofer, the person who writes the Torah, and identified personal qualities and key skills that they need. 


In addition to this, the children have looked at a Torah mantle and the beauty of their designs. They were then given the opportunity to design their own, complete with images of crowns, lions, bells, tablets and even stones. Some children were even able to write in Hebrew! 


Finally, we have looked at a Bar and Bat Mitzvah and the children were able to recognise how Jewish children prepare for and celebrate theirs. 


"I have enjoyed the opportunity to explore another faith and notice the similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity."  - Ava, Class 8