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12/07/2018: Military School Day

Military School Day - Year 6 


Today, Year 6 visited Archbishop Beck Tennis Centre to take part in a 'Military School Activity Day', to celebrate all of the work and effort that they have put into the programme throughout their time as pupils in our school. They were faced with challenges to overcome, problems to solve and, most importantly, they were able to have fun whilst working in teams. 


The children moved from activity to activity, which tested a wide range of skills, from resilience to teamwork and communication. The activities culminated in the amazing obstacle course, which was definitely the highlight of the day for many! After that, the children returned to their classes, where it was time for some competition. The teachers were at their competitive best, as they prepared their class for the 'Relay Race' and the 'Tug of War'. 


Jessica M had this to say about her wonderful day with Military School:


"Today, 12th July, our fabulous cohort journeyed to Archbishop Beck to engage in various team-building exercises. Our instructors/commanders (Richard, Ash and Bobby) helped us as we faced all of these terrific tasks. At first, we moved into groups of around fifty, yes - fifty! This was what made it so challenging in terms of communicating and ensuring that everybody was doing their jobs. I really enjoyed the 'Cannon-Run', where we had to dissemble the cannon and move it to the other end of the area in rapid fashion - a task that the real army have to do! Our second activity was the inflatable obstacle course - it was so much fun. People could not stop smiling as they crashed through the various obstacles. Finally, our group had to take on the 'Mine Task' which was where we had to pick up the two boxes of ammunition (sticks!) and build a road to transport it to our troops on the other side. After that, we had a few surprise competitions (where our class lost in the final), but we did manage to win the Relay Race, despite Mr Kennedy getting us off to such a slow start! All in all, today was the best day of my life and I will miss working as a team with my fellow classmates."




Pictures (and videos!) to follow...