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12/06/2018 - Year 5 ZooLab

Year 5 had a brilliant afternoon today as we were visited by ZooLab. ZooLab brought a range of animals with them for us to learn about including: a snake, a stick insect, a golden tree frog, a myriapod (a type of millipede) and a rat. Here are some of the amazing facts we learned:


  • Stick insects shed their exoskeletons to grow bigger.
  • Golden tree frogs change colour with sunlight and push food down their throats by blinking!
  • Monkeys often shake millipedes to release their ink. They use it to colour their fur to detract mosquitos.
  • Rats can have babies from when they are just 5 weeks old and they can have up to 12 babies at a time!


We even got to hold some of these wonderful creatures and were astounded by how they looked and felt up close. The stick insect was really prickly but the snake was so smooth! The millipede's legs felt funny when they moved in your hand!