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09/10/2017 - Stop-Motion: Night and Day

Night and Day: 

An exciting day in Year 5 today, as we used the Stop Motion app to mimic the movement of the Earth and the Moon. We did this to develop our understanding of why we have night and day and why some countries are 'ahead' of us and some are 'behind'. This was the latest step in our study of the universe, which has so far featured an analysis of the flat-Earth/spherical-Earth theories; a study of the order of the planets and the research of the geocentric/heliocentric theories. Next week...oreos! I mean, a look at the various phases of the Moon! 


Have a look at one example of our work today, produced by the Caesar table (Connor, Evan, Liam, Ruby & Sidney). 



Caesar Stop Motion C12

Uploaded by sfdsliverpool on 2017-10-09.