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08/03/17: International Women's Day

International Women's Day:


This morning, we celebrated International Women's Day during our Collective Worship. We spoke about how it is essential to help forge a better working world - a more inclusive, gender equal world. We talked about the type of jobs that we associate with males and females and the wages that certain male/female sports stars earn. We also took a brief glimpse at a few Hollywood Blockbusters to see if they passed the 'Bechdel Test'. To pass the test, the clips had to:


- Feature at least two women

- At least two women had to have names

- The women had to speak about something other than a male


It was really interesting to see which films passed the test! However, we did acknowledge the great strides made for gender equality over the last couple of years - such as the equal pay for tennis players at Wimbledon, as well as more actresses playing the main role in movies (Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games was a popular choice!). 


We finished off our collective worship by writing two names on our post-it notes and putting it onto our RE display. One name had to be a woman who we know and inspires us on a daily basis, the other had to be a woman that we did not know. Some of the choices for the latter were JK Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson, the Queen and Nicola Adams!