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06/02/2018 - R.E: Memories

Year 5 had a trip down memory lane this week, as we began our new R.E topic, which is all about memories. We came up with our own definitions of what a memory is and discussed what evokes a memory and how we can keep important memories alive. In addition to this, we reminisced about some of our fondest memories of our time in St. Francis de Sales so far by looking at some photographs. Some of us had forgotten some of the brilliant things we had done, but the photos helped us to remember all over again.


We each brought in an object from home that reminded us of a happy memory, such as an old toy, item of clothing or a photograph. During the lesson, we shared our memories of the items we had brought in with each other and spoke about why these memories were so important to us. It was lovely to share our memories, listen to other people's memories and think about the happy times we have had.