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04/03/2019: Taffy Thomas the Storyteller

Taffy Thomas - The Story Teller

To kick off World Book Week, we welcomed Taffy Thomas and his 'Tale Coat' to tell us some amazing stories.  He reminded us of the importance of telling stories because you cannot write a story if you cannot tell a story.


Taffy wowed us with his imaginative storytelling, which came from many cultures and countries around the world, but have been traditionally been passed on orally from person to person - I wonder where the story will go next? Taffy also wore his impressive Tale Coat, which featured beautiful, ornate illustrations.  Some of our children were even chosen to pick a tale; based upon the image that they chose, Taffy would recount a traditional story, which usually had a riddle!


Taffy had many riddles that he shared with us.


Can you solve this one at home?

Q: What appears once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?