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03/10/2017 - Respond and Rejoice: People

For the past four weeks, Year 4 have been studying the topic ‘People’ during our RE lessons. This week, we came to the end of this topic and quietly reflected on all of the things we had learnt.


We discussed the things that created awe and wonder. Ben (C5) couldn’t believe how far Jesus’ family tree went back and how many ancestors he had. It made him wonder how big his family was. Anthony (C5) was shocked at the lengths Mary and Joseph went to in order to keep Jesus safe. This highlighted the important bond we share with our family and with God.


We listened to the song ‘Family of God’ and recapped over Matthew 1:17. After this moment of reflection and rejoicing, we wrote an act of gratitude for our families. We have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and look forward to beginning our next topic: Called (Baptism). 

Family of God