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01/03/18: World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018


Once again we have been celebrating World Book Day in SFDS. However, there were no words to be found!

This year, the whole school read different picture books during our celebrations.


Year 3 focused on ‘Mirror’ by Jeannie Baker. The book explored the life of two boys who lived in very different worlds: one who lived in Sydney, Australia while the other lived in Morocco. Their two worlds couldn’t be further apart yet the book shows the similarities within the lives of the two boys. During our celebrations, the children enjoyed reading and exploring the picture book before discussing the similarities and differences between the two boys. Afterwards, the children used everything they had learnt to take the place of one of the boys and write a letter to the other.


To end our celebrations, the children were delighted to receive their copy of the school’s ‘We Are Writers!’ book. Filled with excitement, the children had so much fun reading the stories written by themselves and their friends.