Congratulations to all those in St Mark - this week's winning House Team.
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Year 6

Maggie - 'I love maths lessons because they are challenging. When you know you have worked hard to solve a problem, you feel a great sense of achievement when you get the answer correct.  Also, the more problems I attempt, the more confident I become in using the different strategies, so I am becoming a lot quicker.'


Thomas K - 'During our Maths lessons, I like I feel like I am being pushed to work my very best, which I love because I love a challenge. I also like it when we play 'You're the teacher!' because I get the chance to explain my working out or justify my answer to the rest of the class. Tablesmaster is another great thing that we do, which helps improve my speed of my times tables - this helps me when I am doing fractions questions too!'


Emily R - 'One thing I enjoy about Maths is the part of the lesson when we do the problem solving or reasoning questions because we can try and use what we have learnt to help us answer the questions.  Although some of these are tough, it is good when we can deliberate with our partners so we can check each other understand.'


Cayden - 'I really like Maths lessons because we learn a wide range of skills that I know will help me when I go to high school and even university!  Sometimes Maths can be difficult, but when the steps are put into mini activities, it makes solving the problem much easier.'

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