Congratulations to all those in St Matthew - this week's winning House Team.
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St Francis de SalesCatholic Junior School

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Year 3

Art Skills

Sketching and drawing using different materials. 

Picture 1

"Learning about harmonious and complimentary

colours was my favourite part of the lesson. I also

enjoyed mixing colours to create different shades."

Kaliah Class 2 

"Today we investigated the colour wheel.

We examined both warm and cold colours.

My favourite part was experimenting

with paint in my sketchbook." 

Joseph Class 1

Class Art 

Designing and making our own canopic jars. 




Picture 1

"Today was such a fantastic lesson!

I am proud of my canopic jar

and loved decorating it with

Egyptian hieroglyphics."

Michelle Class 4


"I really enjoyed using papier mache to make my canopic jar.

It was also great using the different metallic pens 

to add fine detail to the finished jar."

Ryan Class 3