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Year 5

Today, the children have been using an orienteering compass to locate lost buried treasure. It was our wonderful Caretaker, Mr Harrison whilst clearing our the School basement, who discovered an old set of instructions written by a pupil whom attended the school 30 years ago! The children used their orienteering skills to follow these sets of instructions to locate this buried treasure. 


Inside an old tin box, the children found old photographs spanning over 100 years, a wind up car racing toy, some old toy soldiers, a military tank and a medal. The children were able to piece together these artifacts to decide on the boy's interests and past times. 


As an additional challenge the children tried to draw a sketch map of the instructions.


"I had never used a compass before! It as really interesting finding the treasure: So exciting!" Rachael.


"We enjoyed putting the photographs into a time line. That was a really fun lesson!" Dominic.





Using an Orienteering Compass to Follow Instructions and locate the Lost Buried Treasure!

The children are thoroughly enjoying their topic on South America. They have focused on its environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries and major cities. They used their mapping skills to locate the position of South America and Brazil to identify the position of the Continent and Country in terms of the Equator, the Tropic of Capricorn and have described key aspects of the climate, vegetation and the Amazon river. With the use of our wonderful computing team, they have compared the land use, physical and human features to that of Liverpool.


By immersing themselves into the topic, through learning about the Samba music and drums, art and making the Carnival masks, the children have learned an appreciation of life of the people of Brazil both in a rural and city environment. This was revealed in their wonderful poetry of the Carnival Box.  Please read Joseph's wonderful poem which really captures the sounds, sights, smells and tastes of the Carnival. 


Through extended writing, the children have learned about the layers of the Rainforest and the animals which inhabit each layer. 


The food tasting session was great fun! Children discussed the exports of the Rainforest and compared the produce to that of the temperate region of the UK. Year 5 also discussed the imports to this region and the impact of 'food air miles' on the environment.


We are looking forward to making more cross curricular links with English as we learn about and produce a persuasive argument on the issue of Deforestation: an issue which the children have already touched upon in their research. 

South America, Brazil displays

The Amazing Easter Egg Competition: putting into practice what we have learned! Our Year group Winner with Save the 'Ameggzon!' by Lydia Cadwallader